Alliance Graduate School seeks students who are committed to Christ, have a calling to the ministry, and exemplify lives that are consistent with the teaching of Scripture. It is expected that these students are emotionally suited for Christian service and intellectually capable to meet the rigors of academic discipline.


Admission Prerequisites

Since Alliance Graduate School offers work on a graduate school level, a bachelor’s degree becomes the basic academic requirement for admission.  All applicants, both foreign and local, should attain a score of 550 and an essay band of 4 or above in the TOEFL or in the English Proficiency Exam of the Seminary for admission to a chosen program.


Admission Procedure

Applications are accepted no earlier than one year in advance of the expected date of enrollment and must be completed at least seven working days prior to the scheduled registration days. Please note that there is a different deadline for scholarship applications.

Applications will be considered as soon as the admission requirements have been completed; the applicant will advise promptly of the decision.


Admission Requirement

  • Completed application form
  • Academic transcript of records (for bachelor’s degree and last school attended)
  • Authenticated NSO Birth Certificate (if married, marriage contract)
  • Application fee (Php 550 for Filipinos; US $100 for foreigners)
  • Two recent 2x2 ID pictures 
  • Medical form with chest x-ray result
  • Biographical information and personal statement of purpose and faith
  • Confidential Reference:  Pastor 
  • Confidential Reference:  Former Teacher or Church Leader
  • Confidential Reference:  Christian Friend 
  • For foreign students: photocopies of passport and visa
  • Entrance Test: 
  1. An English proficiency score of 550 and an essay band of 4 on the TOEFL or its equivalent. (foreign students for whom English is a second language must take the exam at country of origin)
  2. NEO-PI Exam with an interview/ assessment


Admission on a Mature Basis

An applicant who has no undergraduate degree may be admitted if s/he

  • Is 40 years of age or older;
  • Shows evidence of personal and spiritual maturity;
  • Evidences gifts for the ministry; and 
  • Shows the ability to do graduate-level work.

The applicant is admitted provisionally until 30 units are satisfactorily completed.  Upon completion, the student is fully admitted.  S/he will only be allowed to take a maximum of 9 unit per semester during his first year of studies, and upon evaluation s/he  may be able to increase his/her study load.  No more than six students at one time are admitted on this basis.


International Students

It is important that international student applicants be proficient in spoken and written English since all instruction is given in English.  International applicants for whom English is a second language must have a TOEFL score at least 550 and an essay band of 4 or above or its equivalent.  Information may be requested from TOEFL, Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey 08541, USA.  Copies of the TOEFL Bulleting may also be obtained from United States Embassies and Consulates.  An English Proficiency exam given by the School is suitable for international students who are already here in the Philippines.

The applicant must meet all admission requirements.  Official transcript or certified true transcript should be sent to the Schools s/he has attended or personally mailed.  Transcripts are acceptable only if they bear the official seal of the school and the signature is in ink.  All transcripts should be officially translated to English.

All documents necessary for travel and acceptance by the country and the School should be secured from the local Philippine Embassy.  (Specific requirement will be mailed to the applicant upon receipt of a completed application form).

The applicant is required to submit documents indicating means of financial support for the duration of study at AGS.  All documents concerning financial support must be submitted prior to enrollment in order to allow sufficient time for processing of the application.  The financial guarantee may be provided in three ways:

Support from an organization -   The financial guarantee must be a notarized letter stating the actual amount and the duration of support.  It should list the amount for tuition, books and living expenses.

• Individual support – The individual support must submit an Affidavit of Support with accompanying bank statement or tax return.

• Self-support - The applicant must submit a copy of his bank statement and/or tax return.

Under no circumstances should any international applicant come to AGS without prior receipt of a formal certification of acceptance from the Office of the Director of Admissions.  All expenses related to the applicant’s processing of papers, mailing, etc., shall be billed to his/her account.  The School reserves the right to not accept applicants who have not complied with the above conditions for admission.



An orientation program for new students is scheduled at the beginning of each semester.  All new students, regardless of the number of units for which they are enrolled, are required to attend the scheduled Orientation Day.  The orientation program includes a basic introduction to the academic, financial, spiritual, social, and pastoral dimensions of the School program.