Program Description:

The Counseling Program helps students develop the knowledge, skills and maturity necessary for effective professional Christian counseling that can address deep and complicated emotional and relational problems.

Program Strengths:

  • focus on the personal and spiritual formation of the counselor
  • equipping for counseling ministries in various settings (church, school, work non-government organization, etc)
  • program designed to meet local and Asian church
  • faculty with excellent individual specialization on the different counseling areas
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Time Frame  Description 
Graduate Diploma in Christian Counseling  One-year study program  For people training to be professional counselors 
Master of Arts in Christian Counseling  Two-year program  For people training to be professional counselors with knowledge of Bible and theology 
Special Lay Training       
Certificate in Crisis and Trauma Management  Five-days  For lay people or lay leaders interested to learn basic knowledge and skills in the field of trauma response and crisis intervention. This four-unit certificate course can be credited as an elective in the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling.