Program Description:

The Community Development program is a wholistic approach on transformation and empowerment that values the God-given potential of the weak and marginalized sectors of society. It deals with social, political, economic, cultural, institutional, ecological and spiritual aspects of poverty and social disintegration.

Program Strengths:

  • Wholistic approach
  • Focus on transformation and empowerment
  • A vision for a self-reliant yet God-dependent community
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Time Frame Description
Graduate Diploma in Missiology major in Community Development One-year study program  For those who desire to deepen their effectiveness in community empowerment and enhance their understanding of community development
Master of Arts in major in Community Development  Two-year program  For those who desire basic professional training in community development 
Master of Divinity in major in Community Development  Three-year program  For people who desire a more comprehensive training in community development with the full spectrum of studies in Bible, theology, history, ministry theory and practice and field education