Off-campus Extension Classes ----  Master of Ministry (36 units)

For those who desire formal theological training but are not able to leave their ministry/community to attend any of the residential programs in the AGS campus in Project 7, Quezon City, then our off-campus Master of Ministry extension class is for you.

Program Description:

The Master of Ministry is an innovative, modular and non-residential program designed for pastors, church workers and lay leaders who aspire to pursue graduate-level pastoral training while serving in their churches.

Program Strengths:

  • Bringing theological education to your doorstep
  • Major subjects customized to the needs of your local community
  • Core courses at par with the core courses of the residential progams
  • Ladderized approach (units may be credited if the student opts to attend a regular residential program later on)

Click this link to download the brochure.